What did other guests think


What did other guests think

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Super fun

Thank you for a super nice and memorable kayak trip. As a nervous, fish-afraid beginner, you can't get a better introduction to sea kayaking. It was super fun.

Andrea & Ricardo


Now I've found another thing to do. Kayaking - that was great. It wasn't the last time.

Catharina Arwidsson

A great day

Thank you for a great day yesterday. Everything worked perfectly. The weather was great, the paddling waters were perfect and you were very nice and good instructors and leaders. In fact, I don't think anyone else has shown me before like you did. I will gladly return on any more tour and will recommend you to my friends and acquaintances.

Britt Johansson

Well planned tour

Thank you for a well planned and nicely executed kayak trip!

Erik Lindh


Just thought I'd say thank you for a really fun, exciting and enjoyable climbing day yesterday.

Maria Carlring

Rewarding days

The kayak course was great! Two very rewarding days with lots of good knowledge, conveyed by a nice, slightly low-key and extremely knowledgeable leader.

Jan-Ove Holmberg

Incredibly educational

Thank you so much for the wonderful and incredibly educational course! That's what courses should look like.

Michael Köster


Thank you for the wonderful kayaking days! Thinking of them with pleasure, it was as wonderful as always.

Tina Sahlqvist

Very satisfied

We are very satisfied with the course. Robban was very nice and explained in a good way. It was good that there was a focus on safety. You even arranged good weather.

Hanna & Martin Åberg

Learned a lot

It was super. We learned lots of new things and had a lot of fun.

Benny Tator