What did other guests think


What did other guests think

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Lovely tour

Lovely tour in great pre summer weather. And a fantastic evening. I certainly hope to see you again.

Madeleine Andersson, U-nite Fasteners

Incredibly fun

Thank you Upplevelsebolaget and Jarno for an incredibly fun climbing day. 🙂

Mikael Börjesson

Amazing experience

We would like to thank you for a fantastic experience. The professional appearance of your leader is what we will remember the most. You instructed well, had chosen a good tour and were happy and positive the whole time. Hugs and a warm thank you!

Alf & Ewa

Well taken care of

Just want to thank you for the kayak trip with you. It was a really nice weekend even though I had a bit of a struggle with the waves sometimes 😉 But I felt well taken care of and safe with your skills. (The only thing I missed was a paddle leash, I was a bit worried about losing it sometimes...) I would love to return on more guided tours!

Åsa Cederberg

Enjoyed the tour

Thank you for three fantastic days of vacation. Very knowledgeable and friendly guide. The right man in the right place. We enjoyed the whole tour, not least the food and the accommodation on the Weather Islands, which was first class! Lunch on day three might have been out on a cliff, but okay, if it had rained it was guaranteed to be best at the inn!

Jan-Ove & Gunilla Holmberg

Learned a lot

Thank you for a great kayaking weekend. It was really good. I had fun and learned a lot. Got a kayak buddy too. We're going to paddle together. It was fun with nice people you got to meet.

Linnea Sjögren

Awesome hosts

Nothing could have been better. Although the planned trip could not go ahead due to weather conditions, the alternative activities and accommodation arrangements were amazing. A great trip with awesome hosts!

Zoe Smith, England

Big smile

Thank you Joakim and Jarno for some lovely kayaking days this summer. Annika, Sara and I had three lovely days together with you. The feeling is still in my body and I think back on those days with a big smile!

Peter Kjellin, Billdal

Brilliant five days

Thank you so much. We had a briliant five days and would love to come back again.

Melissa & Lee, England

Great atmosphere

Thank you for helping to make our annual trip special. Everyone was very happy with the kayak trip, the fact that you thought about safety is something that we really appreciated. The climb was a real treat and there are many who have got a taste for climbing and want to climb more. We felt that you were really accommodating and fixed everything based on our wishes. Good service, communication and a great atmosphere. Thank you once again!

Club Hercules, Borås