What did other guests think


What did other guests think

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Fantastic weekend

What a Fantastic Weekend!! Thank you so much for looking after us this weekend - we had such a great time. You judged the groups ability really well (which wasn’t easy since you had Mona who was an expert and some of us who had barely been in a canoe before!). It was challenging enough for us so we felt a real buzz of achievement, but still left us wanting to go out again each day. The food during the trip was excellent and lots of chocolate (always a treat). The accommodation was really very special, and Marcel and Johan are a delight. Their cooking and table setting are magnificent, and I’m buzzing with interior design ideas. Altogether an amazing trip and I’ve learnt so much - thank you!

Jenna Rogers, England

An absolute blast

Thank you for a fantastic few days. Emily and I had an absolute blast.

Patrick Wightman, England

Loved your center

Just wanted to let you know that we absolutely loved your centre - our favourite one yet! Karoline was amazing - she gave us loads of advice and was so interested in what we were doing. She also turned up with coffee when she came to pick us up (haha) - we were both very happy. The hostel then around the centre was incredible and meant we didn’t have to go back to the main city which is often horrible straight after. The weather wasn’t always on our side but it gave us a real chance to practise our skills.

Jenny Lewis, England

Better than expected

The physical location of the place and the amount of fresh snow which fell, along with the variety of mountain weather, were highlights of the trip, as well as the good selection of routes available even in somewhat difficult weather/avalanche conditions. I also appreciated the local food sourcing and focus on sustainability! It was better than expected.

Carl Gagnier, Canada

Lovely time

Thank you again for the lovely time hiking around Uddevalla! We loved the trip. 

Laura J, USA

Treasured memories

Our kayaking trip is still something we talk about a lot. What treasured memories we have of such a special time. And you guys were awesome.

Crae, Aileen. Lucy & Nina Garrett, Canada

Beautiful trip

The memories of our beautiful trip linger on. My thanks to Joakim and his team for making it such an enjoyable relaxed adventure.

Sue Mountford, Australia

Brilliant service

An experience even better than expected. The scenery and service was brilliant, Oskar knew his stuff and he showed us the best of the area.

Jessamy Knowles, England
Outdoor Academy

Great adventure

Thanks for this great adventure. Organisation, program, teams, equipment, even the weather was perfect.

Berndt Woick, Germany

Still buzzing

We really loved the whole experience and are looking forward to coming back next year for more. The whole trip was very well organized, we really were/are still buzzing from it, we wished we had more time and could have stayed longer. Many thanks indeed!

Alun Heslop, England