What did other guests think


What did other guests think

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Outdoor Academy

Great days

I had great days in a wonderful area of Sweden. I was very nervous before the kayaking but already during the information and then on the water I had a very good feeling and I was really happy. Thank you!

Kornelia Suttner-Nold, Germany

Still sinking in

I was delighted with the entire organisation and I am very happy that we chose Upplevelsebolaget. As a kayak newbie I can say that I felt safe and sound at all times and that this was a great introduction to what sea kayaking is all about. Your knowledge of the region was remarkable and added to this feeling, not only while guiding us but also when you pointed out specialties in flora and fauna.

The equipment and food you provided exceeded my expectations. The variety and quality (99% eco!) was excellent and this actually made the experience very relaxing for me, knowing that everything was taken care of.

I will never forget this first moment coming round Långeskär and having the sun in the south, the island in the east and the open sea with the glittering blue horizon in the west. After two weeks at home the impressions are still sinking in and sometimes I find myself thinking back at some of the great nature we have experienced, which puts a smile on my face even in the middle of a professional meeting. Thank you for all of this.

Lennart Fahnenmüller, Germany
Outdoor Academy

Absolutely perfect

I have been for some private lessons at your place in early summer this year, to be prepared for a solo trip and just want feedback, that the lessons were absolutely perfect to get prepared for my journey. Competent and enthusiastic advice!

I had great days in Bohuslan without capsize or being in trouble anyway. The adaption to my individual needs concerning my schedule and my paddling skills made it easy to get confident with the conditions and enjoy these days. Thank you so much!

Michail Ziegler, Germany

Such a good time

Through wind, water and waves exploring far out shores, challenging our paddling skills, Joakim guided us. We gained new insights in geology, marin biology and coastal animal life. I had such a good time. A vacation at its best.

Mona Berg

Treasured memories

Our kayaking trip is still something we talk about a lot. What treasured memories we have of such a special time. And you guys were awesome.

Crae, Aileen. Lucy & Nina Garrett, Canada

The place to go

The place to go for help with kayaking adventures in beautiful Swedish nature.

Henrik Harsbo, Denmark
Outdoor Academy

Hugely enjoyable

Thank you for a hugely enjoyable outdoor academy! I brought home the recipe for the fish soup, but I´m not sure I´ll be able to recreate the magic back here in the UK.

Bob Carter, England
Outdoor Academy

Still feel the spirit

I still feel the spirit and calm of Ramsvik in my heart. I´m sure I will come back some time. Your outdoor program was great. I enjoyed it very much.

Petra Rapp, Germany

Wonderful experience

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience.

Miriam Oberer, Germany

Beautiful and varied

Beautiful and varied scenery, camping on deserted islands, cooking fresh fish over an evening campfire, lovely sunshine, great wildlife and having the world to ourselves. It was a great holiday.

Hanna Deacon, England