What did other guests think


What did other guests think

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Fantastic weekend

It was a fantastic weekend and all round great experience – thanks go to you! I’m not sure if I could suggest any changes. What was good for me was that we had good variety of scenery, some good paddling time and also instruction on ‘technique’ as well as great meals – a gold star from Tim!

Tim Mashman, England
Outdoor Academy

Perfectly organized

I had a great time. The highlight for me was the kayaking tour. Great scenery, a nice group and perfectly organised. With you I always felt that we were in good hands and I cannot name a thing that could have been better.

Florian Gschwendtner, Tyskland

Loved your center

Just wanted to let you know that we absolutely loved your centre - our favourite one yet! Karoline was amazing - she gave us loads of advice and was so interested in what we were doing. She also turned up with coffee when she came to pick us up (haha) - we were both very happy. The hostel then around the centre was incredible and meant we didn’t have to go back to the main city which is often horrible straight after. The weather wasn’t always on our side but it gave us a real chance to practise our skills.

Jenny Lewis, England

Beautiful trip

The memories of our beautiful trip linger on. My thanks to Joakim and his team for making it such an enjoyable relaxed adventure.

Sue Mountford, Australia

It was awesome

Just a few lines of feedback, well three words: it was awesome! Thanks to yourself and Oscar for being such great guides, you guys really know what you are talking about and made the trip more enjoyable with all the random knowledge and stories of the area. I have been talking about the trip for weeks now.

Kimberley Travers, Scotland

Brilliant service

An experience even better than expected. The scenery and service was brilliant, Oskar knew his stuff and he showed us the best of the area.

Jessamy Knowles, England

A good time

We had really a good time with your agency, and I am thinking very often about the good times we had in Sweden!

Wolf Paarmann, Germany

A good time

Hey! I just wanted to say thanks for the easy way you and your company provided us with the kayaks and the good drop off and pick-up service. We all had a good time and are now already discussing to go maybe back to Scandinavia next year. Nice greetings!

Lars, Austria


The kayaking was a pleasant way of traveling. I would look forward to do it in a group of 4-5 people. We had a lovely evening by the campfire. Even the rain could not bring us down, we just took a lovely swim.

Lucas Dewulf, Belgium

An absolute blast

Thank you for a fantastic few days. Emily and I had an absolute blast.

Patrick Wightman, England