Love our planet


Love our planet

Wild and unspoiled nature is the core value of all experiences we arrange, the key element of everything we do. Without a healthy, beautiful, inspiring nature, we have no reason, or possibility, to run our business. To work actively, in every aspect, for it to remain, is an obvious ambition. Everything else would really be unthinkable.

The idea of eco tourism embraces more than the environmental aspect of sustainability. We always strive to work closely with local partners, employ local guides, serve local and (of course) organic food as well as to make purchases of equipment as locally as possible. Our ambition is that our business will strengthen the economic and social aspects of sustainability within the local community. All part of the fantastic idea of eco tourism.

Activities and travel

Our activities are all unmotorized. They do not , in themselves, contribute to pollution, including sounds pollution. When traveling to and from us we encourage our guests to chose public transport and are happy to pick up or drop off at the bus or train station.

We travel or transfer to and from some of our activities. We strive for it to be as sustainable as possible, to drive as few miles as possible and ride together in our modern minibus, Madam Blue. According to the motto “think global, act local”, we make climate compensations for the distance we drive and donate money to various nature- or culture conservation projects, such as the local project 8 Fjords, that works to improve the aquatic environment in our home waters, the fjord area in West Sweden.

Certifications and awards

In order to actively work with, and show the importance of, our sustainability thinking, we are certified with the quality and sustainability label Nature’s Best Sweden (Naturens Bästa). We have also undergone the sustainability scheme Swedish Welcome, and have been awarded Eco Tourism Company of the year in Sweden, as well as the overall Most Sustainable Company locally in Uddevalla, West Sweden.

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