Gift cards

Great adventure give aways

Gift cards

Great adventure give aways

Give an amazing experience or adventure away, to someone you like, by buying a gift card from us. Choose between giving away a specific experience such as a course, a trip or a guided tour, or choose an amount that can be used in our kayak shop or by purchasing any of our great adventures.

Buy a gift card

Buy a gift card by e-mailing the following details to

  • Name, address, phone and e-mail to the buyer of the gift card.
  • Name and e-mail of the receiver of the gift card.

An invoice for the gift card will be sent to the buyer’s e-mail. Payment can be made by credit card through online payment request or bank transfer. A digital gift card will be sent to your e-mail. Please forward to the receiver or print and hand over solemnly together with flowers and a fanfare. Please note that we will never send the gift card to the receiver, unless the buyer specifically wants us to. When payment has reached us the gift card will be activated and the receiver can make his / her booking.

Use a gift card

Gift cards are valid one year from date of purchase. Within the period of validity the receiver needs to make his / her booking. Please note that the actual adventure / experience can take place after the expiry of the gift card. Any bookable adventures / experiences are booked directly online by using your specific gift card number in the booking process. Any of our adventures / experiences that are not bookable online are booked by sending an e-mail to Please state the following details:

  • Desired adventure / experience, including date and number of participants
  • Name, address, phone and e-mail to all participants
  • Your specific gift card id number.

If you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an e-mail! We look forward to see you!

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