Covid 19 information

Safe adventures in small groups

Covid 19 information

Safe adventures in small groups

We believe that the essence of what we offer – amazing outdoor experiences in small groups in areas where normally few other people are – have always been a type of Covid-19-adapted adventures. In the nature of outdoor experiences lies a smaller risk of getting infected by others than when attending crowded areas or events. Besides that, safety has always been an important concern for us. But now of course we need to go further. This is what we think and what you can expect when visiting us.

All our activities are always subject to risk analysis. With the current pandemic we have taken the following steps to ensure safe and enjoyable traveling. Please pay special attention to cancellation conditions that during the pandemic overrule our normal terms & conditions.


To participate in any of our activities you need to be free from symptoms of Covid -19 for at least the last 48 hours prior to departure. Any symptoms that can be related to Covid -19 means you need to refrain from participating. We reserve the right to deny participation for anyone showing symptoms that can be related to Covid -19.


All transfers arranged by us in connection with the activities will be planned according to group composition. The number of guests traveling in our minivan will be reduced, meaning at least one empty space between each passenger. For transfers to and from kayak launching / climbing crags etc. there is an option of traveling in your own vehicle, if there is such an opportunity. Something we normally discourage for environmental purposes.


All food will be handled with even more concerns to hygiene and hand disinfectant will always be available on every tour. Nearly all meals will be eaten outdoors, with the obvious possibility of keeping distance. Meals eaten indoors will be granted lots of space for every guest. Our 1200 square meters kayak center offers plenty of space and possibilities to keep distance.


Our camping trips normally sleeps two persons per tent. For solo travelers we will now ensure there are one tent for each person. For activities with indoor accommodation we will avoid shared rooms between guests previously unknown to each other. We will ensure the possibility of singel room for single travelers.


All equipment is always properly cleaned and washed by staff between all users. Now with the extra attention of disinfection when needed.


We would like you to feel as confident as ever booking your adventure with us, even during the pandemic. The following conditions for cancellation therefor overrule our normal conditions. Other terms & conditions still apply.

  • For all day tours (adventures with a duration of less than 24 hours) you may cancel your booking up until two weeks (14 days) prior to departure for any reason. No questions asked. For any canceled adventure you will be given the option to postpone your booking to another date, or following year, or to get a full refund.
  • For cancellations later than two weeks (14 days) prior to departure, caused by official recommendations and / or regulations related to the Covid -19 pandemic, we will offer the options to postpone your booking to another date, or following year, or get a full refund.
  • For any booked adventure of longer duration than 24 hours you are protected by the Swedish Package Travel Regulations, meaning that if authorities should advice against all but essential travel to Sweden, we will offer the options to postpone your booking, to another date, or following year, or get a full refund.

Postponing to a future occasion will work as an investment in your own Adventure Fund. Amazing experiences will await when time allows. It will also protect you from possible price increases in the year to come. Not. bad.

Any worries that we might go bankrupt is covered by the Swedish Travel Guarantee, an insolvency protection for guests, that all serious travel companies need to fulfill. We have been in business since 1994 and will be around a lot longer, but we believe it still might feel good for you to know.

With the Swedish authority Kammarkollegiet you can check all Swedish travel companies that fulfill the Travel Guarantee.


As a general rule we obviously always follow guidelines and recommendations from the Swedish government as well as The Public Health Agency of Sweden. For more information regarding traveling to Sweden please check out official information here!